All our ranges of PP and HDPE tanks


All our ranges of PP and HDPE tanks

 Sensitive storage

Extruded-coiled tanks
Schoeller Allibert method


For 50 years, HDPE and PP tanks manufactured by “Schoeller Allibert Technology” have been used in all industries.

They are intended for the storage of dangerous products, concentrated acids and bases, acid and basic effluents, in temperature ranges from -45°C to +90°C.


Applications of extruded-wrapped tanks

Ideal for any storage of highly diluted or slightly corrosive products

In addition to the manufacture of tanks by extrusion-rolling, EELIX offers a range of HDPE and PP tanks made from bent plates. These tanks are particularly adapted to simplified uses, to small volumes and to the use of very diluted or slightly corrosive products.

These tanks are produced by mechanical process: we prepare plates on a numerical cutting machine, their shaping is ensured by bending and the assembly is carried out by hot polyfusion.

The choice of the tank depends on the type of application, the liquid to be stored, the required volume and the customer’s requirements.


Applications of curved tanks

Economical and versatile storage

Vats in curved plates



Horizontal tanks


Storage tanks of all volumes, underground or above ground on berm

The tanks are made of HDPE, high density polyethylene of the highest quality.


Horizontal tank applications


Other products and services

Dispensing and dosing boxes

Our ranges are condensed innovations at the service of chemical product dispensing and dosing. Our cabinets protect the operator, secure the installations and protect the environment from all the dangers inherent in the operations.

Pre-project and project engineering

We guarantee expert advice, a storage system that meets all requirements and a complete environment of dedicated products and accessories.

Tank inspection

Tank inspection is a procedure to check the condition of tanks and ensure that they meet the required safety and quality standards.

Access footbridges to the tanks

Turnkey installations

Design and assembly of turnkey solutions, according to your specifications. These complete and customized systems can be composed of extruded-wrapped storage tanks with or without double jacket, filling and discharge boxes, dosing pumps, rinsing tanks…


Anticipate the risks and design an optimal solution?