Vertical tanks

 For chemicals and corrosives

Tanks for low-concentration liquids

Single lined tanks for basic use, low volume or highly diluted or weakly corrosive products.

High strength tanks for corrosive products

Highly reliable roll-extruded tanks for complex and sensitive use. These tanks are available in single and double lined formats, for medium to very large volumes.

Complete installations

Turnkey solutions tailored to your specific requirements. These comprehensive, personalized systems may include roll extruded storage tanks with or without double lining, filling and unloading trays, dosing pumps, and rain and rinse water recovery reservoirs.

PEHD & PP tanks

The leading storage solutions for corrosive liquids

Discover high resistance tanks , manufactured by extrusion-winding


A comprehensive range inherited from Schoeller-Allibert

All the techniques developed by the renowned manufacturer Schoeller-Allibert have been redeployed by Eelix, modernised and implemented within an updated workflow. Within this range, you will still find the famous roll-extruded tanks, but also tanks manufactured from rounded sheet, full installations and a full range of useful accessories.

EELIX // High strength tanks

Schoeller-Allibert extrusion-winding technology


Why Eelix ?

At the heart of Europe

We are active throughout France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and the North European countries from our site in Belgium, which extends to over 25,000 m2.

At the heart of a large group

We are a Franco-Belgian, independent company within a large group, which guarantees both strength and longevity.

At the heart of the industry

Eelix is built on exclusive technologies and modern processes, making it the specialist in tanks and reservoirs for corrosive products.