Horizontal tanks

extruded coiled tanks

Storage tanks of all volumes, underground or above ground on berm


Horizontal tanks

EELIX designs and offers a wide range of horizontal tanks in high density polyethylene and polypropylene 100% recyclable, double wall.

Our horizontal HDPE or PP tanks are corrosion resistant and therefore perfectly adapted to the storage of highly or slightly concentrated chemicals, to the recovery of accidental spills of polluting liquids on the ground, and to the safety and standards of the unloading areas when it is required to be able to contain the volume of the truck in case of accidental spill or rupture of the pipes. Our tanks are also adapted to the storage of liquid fertilizers, diesel, GNR, fuel oil, new or used oils, effluents of all kinds, rainwater.

Their manufacture in France ensures you easy technical exchanges, a reliable manufacture and fast delivery times!


Horizontal tanks

Our guarantees

  • Chemical resistance and inertness: The chemical resistance of HDPE (high density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) ensures reliable storage of most chemicals.
    The chemical inertia of our materials allows a great versatility in the use of our horizontal tanks, thus providing numerous possibilities of reclassification of our tanks towards other uses (example: a GNR tank can easily be re-used for a fertilizer storage).
  • UV resistance.
  • Mechanical resistance : the extrusion-winding process allows the production of shells whose thickness is variable from bottom to top. The thicknesses are dependent on the products stored. The shell thus produced is free of any internal stress, mechanically homogeneous, isotropic and balanced (no tension-compression). The thickness of this wall can reach up to 120 mm.
  • Increased security thanks to the double envelope: the presence of the external retention tank guarantees 100% reliable storage. No leakage possible.
  • Adaptability of the tanks : Each tank can have a different function thanks to specific equipment such as access and walkways, gas scrubbers, heaters… Many equipments and accessories are available to create a complete storage environment.
  • Traceability guaranteed the materials used.
  • Thermal insulation important.
  • Material Recyclability: EELIX tanks are 100% recyclable, even after 30 years of use. The material used fits perfectly into a circular economy.
horizontal tank

EELIX offers storage tanks from 3 to 100 m3

They can be twinned for larger volumes.

Horizontal tanks

Composition and production

The tanks are made of HDPE, high density polyethylene of the highest quality. No recycled materials are used in production.

  • A tank is composed of a cylindrical body, two sides and a cylindrical primer in which the cover is fixed.
  • The body of the tanks and the sides are made of a double wall. The interior and exterior are smooth.
  • The intermediate vertical reinforcements are necessary to guarantee the solidity of the tank body.
  • All tanks are accessible for inspection via the manhole.
  • An optional prefabricated HDPE socket can be welded to the primer. The dimensions of this socket are adapted to the diameter of the primer.
  • In case of heavy loads, it is necessary to provide a cast iron cover adapted to the traffic constraints. These cast iron covers must be installed in the road surface so that they do not rest on the base of the tank.

Horizontal tanks

Custom tanks

Proven quality
  • Virgin non-recycled HDPE, certified material, Vlarem certified.
  • Double wall manufacturing by spiral welding on mandrel.
  • The 2 walls are smooth.
  • Resistant to the pressure of the water table.
  • Long life, anti-corrosion for life.
  • Stray current and UV resistant
  • Efficient and economical.
  • Excellent ratio: light weight/high stability.
  • Quick installation.
Properties of the tanks
  • The raw material complies with numerous standards and in particular with the criteria of the EN13476-1 standard.
  • The internal diameters can vary from 1000 mm to 3000 mm. The tanks are always cylindrical and horizontal.
  • With VLAREM II certificate (Flanders) : VLAREM II bis, chapter 6.5, for oil recovery tanks.
  • VLAREM II bis, chapter 5.17-2 and 3 for underground or above ground storage tanks for hazardous products.
  • Complies with the NBN T44-002 standard
    The development criteria take into account the stability of the tanks under the action of soil pressure on the sides and underside of the tank, the water pressure on the tank.
Pre-equipped tanks

Most requested equipment:

  • Canne d’aspiration avec vanne et raccord pompier
  • Canalisation de remplissage avec raccord pompier en 2’’ ou 3’’
  • Détecteur de fuite dans la double paroi avec boitier de report électronique
  • Mesure de niveau visuel par niveau à flotteur ou sonde de niveau Radar (technologie bluetooth)
  • Berceaux de maintien pour les cuves hors sol
  • Trappe de visite Ø 600 avec tappe pleine et event
  • Manhole extension diameter 800 or 1000 in the case of underground tanks
  • Warmers


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