Recovery tanks, unloading areas

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Storing liquids or solids


Recovery tanks, unloading areas

Dump recovery tanks are containers used to store liquids or solids that have been removed from a dumping site, i.e., a site where contaminated waste or material has been dumped or deposited.

These tanks are typically used in contaminated site cleanup and remediation projects to contain and treat contaminated materials before they are safely disposed of.

Dump recovery tanks can be made of a variety of materials, such as steel, plastic or concrete, and can be designed in different ways to meet the specific needs of the application. They can be used to store liquids, such as water or chemicals, or solids, such as industrial waste or cleanup residues.

It is important to select a suitable dump recovery tank based on the amount of material to be stored, the pressure and temperature to which it will be exposed, and the safety and regulatory compliance requirements.

Recovery tanks, unloading areas

Many applications

Here are some examples of liquids that can be stored in these tanks:

  • De l’eau contaminée par des produits chimiques ou des polluants
  • Des produits chimiques, tels que des solvants, des acides ou des bases
  • Des hydrocarbures, comme du pétrole ou du gaz
  • Des déchets liquides, comme des eaux usées ou des résidus de dépollution

Voici quelques exemples de matières solides qui peuvent être stockées dans ces cuves :

  • Des déchets industriels, tels que des résidus de métaux lourds, des résidus de produits chimiques ou des déchets radioactifs
  • Des résidus de dépollution, tels que des boues de dépollution ou des sables contaminés
  • Des déchets de construction, tels que des déchets de béton ou de briques



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